Nursing Home services


Our doctors at PAJE Optometric provide complete eye health and vision evaluations to those unable to visit our local office.  Exams include the following specialities: 

Medical Management and Treatment Services

  • Allergy Treatments
  • Cataract Detection and Management
  • Diabetic Eye Evaluation
  • Dry Eye Evaluation and Treatments
  • Eye Infections/Red Eye treatments
  • Glaucoma Detection and Treatment
  • Macular Degeneration Detection and Adaptations
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke Adaptations
  • Photo-diagnostic Services
  • High Risk Ocular Effects of Medication 
    • Plaquenil Toxicity
    • Steroids and Anti-Inflammatories
    • Blood Thinners

Glasses and Optical Aids

  • On-site Glasses Repair/Adjustment
  • Engraving of eyeglasses
  • Bifocals, Progressives, No-Line Bifocals
  • Low Vision Aids
  • Reading Glasses and Magnifiers