Do they really work?

During these unprecedented times, at home learning and an increase in digital device use is becoming the new normal. But is it safe?

Our digital devices, from our phone, tablets, laptops, etc. all emit harmful blue light that can affect the eye.

Blue-light filters allows us to cut down on this harmful light resulting in less digital eye strain, less headaches, less dry eye and improved sleep patterns.

However, filtering out blue light isn’t the only thing that matters. As we read up close, we are using our eyes’ focusing muscle to keep near objects, such as words, in focus. This extended strain can result in increased eye fatigue, blurring of words, skipping lines while reading, increased nearsightedness, and increased headaches.

Proper prescription computer glasses from one of our Optometrists can help reduce all of these symptoms and allow more time to be spent focusing on what matters - the educational material your child is learning.

For more information or to order a custom pair of computer glasses, please feel free to contact us today!